Daily Archives: November 29, 2011

TrueAllele(R) DNA Mixture Interpretation Validation Study Published

Wall Street Journal Market Watch
PITTSBURGH, Nov 28, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — A peer-reviewed scientific paper entitled “Validating TrueAllele(R) DNA mixture interpretation” was published this month in the Journal of Forensic Sciences (JFS). This JFS validation study established the reliability of Cybergenetics objective TrueAllele Casework technology for the computer analysis of DNA evidence.

DNA Evidence ID’s John Wayne Gacy Victim

ABC News
A boy who disappeared 35 years ago — when he was 19 years old — has finally been identified as a victim of notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Cook County, Ill., Sheriff Tom Dart told reporters that DNA testing had positively identified William “Bill” George Bundy as one of Gacy’s victims.

Essex Police praise DNA database after sex attack conviction

BBC News
The national DNA database proved “uniquely crucial” in an investigation that led to the conviction of a sex attacker in Essex.

David A. Silver Named as Marketing Director at DDC, One of the Largest DNA Testing Companies Worldwide

Fairfield Ohio
DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), one of the largest DNA testing companies in the world, announced today the appointment of David A. Silver as Marketing Director, reporting directly to Peter Vitulli, DDC President and CEO.