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New Bill Would Let Feds Search for Familial DNA in National Database to Solve Cold Cases

These days, thanks to science and technology, your family tree isn’t just something you can trace by a paper trail, DNA provides significant links among us. Now, a new bill proposed by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), would allow feds to conduct familial searches in DNA databases to solve cold cases.

St. Louis police riled over collection of their DNA

St Louis Today
ST. LOUIS • St. Louis police officers routinely swab the mouths of suspects for DNA samples, but what happens when the swab stick is turned on them?

House nod for DNA testing

Trinidad and Tobago
By 28 votes-to-nine, a split Lower House last Wednesday passed a bill to update the old DNA Act and in so doing to now allow for DNA samples to be taken without the consent of a suspect.