Monthly Archives: October 2011

SA urged to set up DNA database of crime suspects

Business Day South Africa
HAVING a DNA database of arrested persons would help law enforcement authorities to identify suspects sought for other crimes in addition to simply providing evidence to the courts, says a DNA policy expert.

Police link 6 more slayings to Grim Sleeper suspect

LA Times
Los Angeles police detectives have linked six more slayings to the suspect in the Grim Sleeper serial killings after reviewing hundreds of unsolved homicide cases and missing person reports, as well as a cache of photos of unidentified women found at the man’s home.

A New Effort in Illinois to Use DNA to Identify a Serial Killer’s Victims

New York Times
CHICAGO — Again and again, DNA evidence has emerged as a new answer to old crimes — long-awaited proof that a suspect did or, as in the most celebrated cases, did not commit a crime.

Police Hoping To Use Missing Person Database On Foot Found In Tulsa Pond

TULSA, Oklahoma — Detectives are sorting through missing persons reports for a possible connection to Tuesday’s discovery of a human foot in a retention pond.

Alabama Attorney General announces Lee County cold case victory

OPELIKA, AL -Attorney General Luther Strange announced another significant cold case victory, with the conviction and sentencing of a man for a 1995 rape in Lee County.

Google strikes deal to preserve DNA data online

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Concerned that the federal government might not keep funding the world’s largest free database of genetic data, Google Inc. has forged a deal with a Mountain View, Calif., startup to keep the information online – and free for researchers.

Mystery behind long life sought in DNA of elderly

New Jersey.Com
NEW YORK — George Eberhardt turned 107 last month, and scientists would love to know how he and other older folks like him made it that far. So he’s going to hand over some of his DNA.

DNA ‘remembers’ early living conditions

“This is the first time we’ve been able to make the link between the economics of early life and the biochemistry of DNA,” says Moshe Szyf, professor of pharmacology.

DNA Diagnostics Centre UK Launches Groundbreaking Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test – The Only Company Offering Test in UK

DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC), the UK’s leading company for DNA paternity and relationship testing, announced today that DDC is the only company offering the first non-invasive prenatal paternity test in the UK

Families of murder victims deplore loss of ‘cold case’ unit

The Independent
Hundreds of murderers could escape justice for ever because of the Government’s decision to disband Britain’s “cold case” detection unit, experts warned last night.

A Tale Of Two Convicts

The courts and the American prison system regularly fail defendants by convicting innocent people and locking them up, sometimes sentencing them to execution for crimes they did not commit.

A lost Canadian soldier finds a final resting place after 92 years

Global News
OTTAWA – It’s a song she’s played hundreds of times, but on Tuesday the military’s most well-known lament will take on new meaning for bugler Ann Gregory.

Irish DNA atlas project launched

ARE YOU TYPICALLY Irish? A new project has been unveiled by the Genealogical Society of Ireland and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, who are working together to find out more about the Irish population.

Libyan plan to trace mass graves and missing people

New Scientist
As Libyans celebrate the fall of Muammar Gaddafi following his death last week, the country’s transitional government has already set up a commission that it says will ensure the transparent and orderly exhumation and identification of bodies from mass graves.

Pressure BioSciences’ core pressure cycling technology to become scientific “investigators choice”

Pressure BioSciences (PBI) (NASDAQ:PBIO) is a company operating in the life sciences market, whose pressure cycling technology (PCT) used to extract cell components has a myriad of potential target industries, and according to CEO Richard T. Schumacher, is among the most under-appreciated businesses listed on the Nasdaq today, with enormous growth potential.