Daily Archives: September 11, 2011

Voices from the shadows: Readers’ 9/11 stories

The Capitol Maryland
…The lone television in Bode Technology Group’s laboratories on the morning of Sept. 11 was in the office of the company’s president, Tom Bode…

Panel tours places that could have funding cut next year

The Daily Sentinel Colorado
Prisons, crime labs, state parks, universities and human service programs are all potential programs that could see state budget cuts next year.

Vt crime lab escapes Irene flooding

WCAX Vermont
Peg Schwartz had a frantic commute to work right after Irene hit.
“Waterbury, Main Street had mud in it, had people pumping basements,” she said.

Crime lab stays on the 9/11 case

Forensic scientists are continuing to identify remains from 9/11 victims, and they could still be working on the case 10 years from now. Ten years after the terror attacks, thousands of bits of bone found where the World Trade Center’s twin towers fell are unidentified, and 1,124 of the 2,753 known victims have not yet been matched up with any remains.

Human DNA trap set for deer poachers

BBC News Canada
Criminals who poach deer and other animals could be tracked through tiny samples of their DNA, researchers say.