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DNA super-network increases risk of mix-ups

The New Scientist
PETER HAMKIN was pulling pints in a bar in Merseyside, UK, in 2003, when he was arrested on suspicion of murdering a woman in Italy a year earlier. Italian police had requested a search of the UK DNA database and claimed he was a perfect match, and that he fitted witness descriptions of the murderer. After a 20-day ordeal, a second DNA test ruled Hamkin out and he was released without charge.

Fort Worth police crime lab awarded accreditation

Star Telegram Fort Worth
The Fort Worth Police Crime Laboratory was recently awarded additional accreditation by a national organization that applies rigorous standards to laboratories around the world.

Audit of the FBI’s convited offender, arrestee and detainee DNA backlog

A US Justice Department Report

Report: FBI eliminates a DNA backlog

Washington Post
The Federal Eye usually reports on government mishaps, missteps and mistakes, so it’s a rare treat to find a watchdog report suggesting an agency has fixed something.