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‘DNA Bill will help solve crimes’

Trinidad and Tobago
The passage of the new DNA Bill in Parliament will allow the Government to take DNA samples from persons detained and possibly solve crimes that have remained a mystery for years, says Justice Minister Herbert Volney.

Hurricane Katrina mess in Orleans Parish courthouse evidence area is still being cleaned up

Picayune Times Louisiana
The plastic bag sat there in the basement of the Orleans Parish criminal courthouse, coated in a moldy film that hides what’s inside and where it might belong. They’ll get around to opening it, joked Robbie Keen, “whenever we get brave enough.”

Amanda Knox Appeal Resumes: Police Defend Forensic Methods

Italian police who investigated the Amanda Knox murder case gave a detailed defense of their forensic expertise today, rejecting accusations by a panel of experts that their methods were badly flawed and contaminated key evidence.

The New Eyewitness

Forensic Magazine
Manfred Kayser is full Professor and founding Chair of Forensic Molecular Biology at the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam. His scientific interests are in aspects of human genetics with putative applications to forensics such as the genetics of appearance and ancestry for Forensic DNA Phenotyping, Y-chromosome DNA for male identification, and circadian biomarkers for forensic time estimation. Kayser, along with other scientific experts, will host a panel on Forensic DNA Phenotyping on October 6, 2011, during the 22nd International Symposium on Human Identification, held October 3-6 in Washington D.C. Visit www.ishi22.com for details.