Daily Archives: August 30, 2011

Houston closer to regional crime lab

Houston Chronicle
In what Mayor Annise Parker calls “a toe in the water” toward a regional crime lab, the city of Houston will start sending about a dozen DNA samples a month to the county’s forensics shop under a deal on Wednesday’s council agenda.

First DNA, Forensic lab at Salonga Law center

The Phillipines
Crime prevention and investigation got a big boost here following the dedication of the first Visayas DNA and Forensic Laboratory last Thursday at the Salonga Law Center in cooperation with the SU Chemistry Department.

Oakland County to expand crime lab to add DNA testing, bypassing state’s busy labs

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is considering expanding the county’s crime lab to include DNA testing, avoiding state DNA test result delays that at times stretch six to nine months.

Hunting for a Mass Killer in Medieval Graveyards

The New York Times
Beneath the Royal Mint Court, diagonally across the street from the Tower of London, lie 1,800 mute witnesses to the foresight of the city fathers in the year 1348. Recognizing that the Black Death then scourging Europe would inevitably reach London, the authorities prepared a special cemetery in East Smithfield, outside the city walls, to receive the bodies of the stricken.

State Crime Prevention Projects to Receive Federal Money

CBS 59 West Virginia
The U.S. Department of Justice has awarded more than $1.2 million to fund four crime prevention projects in West Virginia.