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Shoes may still hold DNA evidence as hunt for Daniel Morcombe continues

the News Australia
DNA evidence could still be on shoes discovered last week during the search for Daniel Morcombe’s remains in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

6 ordered to give DNA samples in Drenth case

Voice of Tucson
The mysterious death of Phoenix police Sgt. Sean Drenth last year became even more puzzling when five police officers and a city employee persistently refused to give up samples of their DNA to test in the case, even though more than 330 others had voluntarily done so.

Mummies made from jigsaw of body parts

From The Korea Times
DNA tests on British prehistoric mummies revealed they were made of body parts from several different people, arranged to look like one person.

South Korea’s DNA debate

The Asian Correspondent Korea
The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (서울경찰청) announced on the 22nd that it had solved 506 cases of serious crimes using DNA evidence since July 26th, when the law on the use of DNA evidence (DNA 신원확인 정보의 이용 및 보호에 관한 법률) went into effect.