Daily Archives: August 22, 2011

34 Years Later, Supreme Court Will Revisit Eyewitness IDs

New York Times
WASHINGTON — Every year, more than 75,000 eyewitnesses identify suspects in criminal investigations. Those identifications are wrong about a third of the time, a pile of studies suggest.

Excitement builds for symposium

…Chief Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood has volunteered to moderate the panel discussion. Panelists include: U.S. Attorney Alicia Limtiaco; Federal Public Defender John Gorman; Attorney General Leonardo Rapadas; Guam Public Defender Eric Donn Miller; forensic entomologist, author and “CSI” TV show consultant, M. Lee Goff; and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Crime Lab DNA expert/CODIS administrator Steven Renteria…

Almost 2156 unidentified bodies buried at 38 sites in IHK: Report

The Pakistan Times
SRINAGAR (IHK): In occupied Kashmir, an official inquiry has revealed that there are as many as 2156 unidentified bodies buried in unmarked graves at 38 sites in the Kashmir Valley, reports KMS.

DNA sample leads to arrest of Newport News rape suspect

Newport News Daily Press Virginia
NEWPORT NEWS— A hit from a nationwide DNA database led to the arrest of a suspect in a recent Newport News sexual assault.

Special report: The 116 people in Wales who have seemingly disappeared without a trace

Wales Online
There are 116 people from Wales reported missing by their families but never found. Helen Turner reports on the people who have vanished without trace.

Controversial Expansion of New Jersey’s DNA Database Signed into Law

Jersey City Independent
A bill that would require any person arrested on suspicion he or she committed a violent crime in New Jersey to provide a sample of their DNA to the police has become law.