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For High-Impact Forensics, The Clues Point to Europe

Science Watch
In the 16 years since Science Watch last surveyed the field of forensic science (January 1995), the technical and procedural intricacies of crime-scene investigation have become the basis of uncountable dramatic series on television.

NIST and Researcher Butler Recognized for Forensic Science Citations

NIST chemist and DNA forensics expert John Butler was ranked as the number one “high-impact author in legal medicine and forensic science, 2001 to 2011” among authors who published 20 or more papers during the decade.

DNA tests help solve six-year-old Merrimack robbery

Nashua Telegraph New Hampshire
…“There was some very good detective work linking this crime … but it still wasn’t enough to tie (Staples) to it,” added Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney Patricia LaFrance, who prosecuted the case. “Then this cigarette comes in with DNA evidence on it…