Daily Archives: July 12, 2011

DNA Evidence Presented Against Murder Accused

Antigua St John’s – DNA evidence produced in court on Monday placed murder accused Avie Howell at the Brownes Avenue shop of Woneta Anderson. The evidence was found on a blue-and-white bandana discovered on the shop’s counter after the murder.

Argentine heirs’ 1st DNA tests come back negative

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – DNA from the adopted children of one of Argentina’s richest women does not match samples from two families who suspected the siblings were stolen as babies from murdered political prisoners, legal sources said on Monday.

Report: Phony vaccination program used by CIA in hopes of determining bin Laden’s whereabouts

The Washington Post
WASHINGTON — The CIA ran a phony vaccination program in the Pakistani town where Osama bin Laden’s family was believed to be living in an effort to obtain DNA evidence indicating whether the al-Qaida leader was there, The New York Times reported.

New bill tries to clear backlog of untested rape kits

ABC 7 California
Sexual assaults are among the most vexing violent crimes police agencies must solve.