Daily Archives: June 9, 2011

Cold Case DNA Hit Ends in SJ Guilty Verdict

MSNBC California
Nearly 23 years after 21-year-old Kristi Harris was found stabbed to death in her San Jose apartment, a Santa Clara County jury found the suspect in the case, Charles Grant, guilty of first-degree murder for the killing.

Mysterious Spots on King Tut’s Tomb Suggest Hasty Burial

Live Science
Mysterious brown spots covering the surfaces of King Tut’s tomb have long puzzled scientists trying to identify them. Now a new study reveals ancient Egyptian microbes left these blemishes.

RCMP still plagued with backlogs: AG

Montreal Gazette Canada
OTTAWA — Backlogs continue to plague the RCMP’s forensic labs, and delays for some services have actually increased over time, the office of the auditor general said Monday.

Legislators continue fight to keep lab

Times Daily Alabama
Although the deadline is looming for the closing of three forensic satellite offices, local legislators say they are not ready to give up the fight to save the labs.