Daily Archives: June 8, 2011

Novel forensics tool used in Anthony trial

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A novel forensics technique introduced in Casey Anthony’s murder trial this week has the promise to do what the noses of highly-trained cadaver dogs are able to do — sniff out decomposition and locate hidden bodies.

Limo driver nabbed by 10-year-old evidence pleads guilty

New York Post
A limo driver busted for a decade-old rape because of DNA evidence collected from an arson blaze he was convited of setting, pleaded guilty today to the sex assault — as well as a jailhouse plot to have his victim murdered.

Virginia lab never got Sowell DNA, says state never tracked what it sent

A private Virginia lab that formerly processed prison inmate DNA for Ohio says it never received a sample of suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell’s DNA.

Rapist pastor sentenced to life

The New Age South Africa
The sentencing to life of a Welkom pastor who raped a 12- year-old girl has been hailed by child advocacy groups as a strong and clear judicial message against rape and child abuse.

Police Service gets DNA testing machine

Ghana Web
Government has acquired an automated fingerprint machine together with a DNA testing machine to be installed at the CID forensic laboratory to aid in the easy identification of criminals.