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Defence Headquarters Establishes Dna Centre

All Africa Nigeria
Defence headquarters has established a deoxyribonuclei acid (DNA) banking centre called the Defence Identification Centre.

Casey Anthony trial to hinge on forensic evidence

Associated Press
ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — No witnesses saw what happened to 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, and only her killer knows exactly how she died. No one has confessed. So when her mother, Casey Anthony, goes to trial Tuesday on murder charges, the jury’s decision will likely come down to forensic evidence.

Research team moves towards on-site DNA fingerprinting

The Engineer UK
Crime-scene investigators could soon have the ability to perform DNA fingerprinting on site without the need for lengthy post-analysis in a lab.

Kenya Nurse Jailed for 40 Years

All Africa Namibia
A VERY long prison term of 40 years lies ahead of Kenneth Bunge Orina.
Orina, the Kenyan nurse convicted of murdering his wife, cutting her body into ten pieces and then dumping the body parts at four sites in and around Grootfontein in September 2007, was sentenced to 30 years’ imprisonment on a charge of murder on Friday.

Exonerated inmate finds solace in music

Singer celebrates freedom with music.