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DNA test put suspect on the map

KUTV Utah/Sorenson Forensics
As DNA science continues to evolve now tests are more complete and can answer more questions in criminal investigations. They can even figure out where people come from and that might prove handy in the most mysterious of cases. They can’t tell police what race a suspect is beyond a doubt, but most results give them a pretty good idea.

Forensic marriage could preserve the UK’s reputation

New Scientist UK
“This may not be Westminster Abbey, and there’s no Wills or Kate,” declared veteran TV presenter Nick Ross at London’s Science Museum last night. But there is, he went on to say, a beautiful wedding in store.
After a long courtship the public and private sectors in forensic science in the UK and Ireland are coming together, said Ross, speaking at the launch of the Association of Forensic Science Providers (AFSP).

Unabomber investigated in ’82 Tylenol deaths

CHICAGO — The FBI says it’s investigating whether Unabomber Ted Kaczynski was involved in the 1982 Chicago-area Tylenol poisonings case that killed seven people.

Police: DNA tests on body tissues from wreckage of Air France flight may be identifiable

Washington Post World France
PARIS — French police say investigators have successfully extracted DNA from two bodies salvaged from the wreckage of an Air France flight that crashed into the Atlantic — raising the prospect they might be identified.

Forensics: The call of the crime lab

Forensic scientists can work in academia, government and the private sector, but the field is competitive.

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Cutting-edge forensic DNA laboratory opens for business

My sunshine coast Australia
Queensland is at the cutting edge of crime fighting technology with Australia’s most advanced DNA testing laboratory.
Health Minister Geoff Wilson today officially opened the upgraded DNA testing laboratory at Coopers Plains.

Illinois Senate passes bill requiring DNA from defendants

Chicago Sun Times
SPRINGFIELD — Those charged with first-degree murder and several other violent crimes would have to submit DNA for a state database under legislation that passed the Senate Wednesday.

Police lose fight over retaining DNA samples

Yorkshire Post UK
Police guidelines allowing forces to retain the fingerprints and DNA samples of innocent people are unlawful, a panel of leading British judges has ruled.