Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

Woman walks free Monday after 17 years in prison

Utah News
…Hope became reality Monday afternoon when the 53-year-old mother of three walked out of the Utah State Prison and into the arms of her family…

Defense tries to discredit DNA evidence

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The defense team for Areli Escobar spent a significant amount of time Wednesday morning attempting to poke holes in DNA evidence and testing, which could ultimately sink their effort to save the defendant’s life.

DNA test nails teacher turned killer

Deccan Chronicle India
The DNA Centre at Madiwala has nailed the teacher-turned-serial killer Mohan Kumar for his crimes.

Dr. Henry Lee on the case

Cape Breton News Australia
MEMBERTOU — One of the world’s most renowned forensic scientists will speak to police officers gathered in Cape Breton this week for a homicide and forensic investigators conference.

DNA Match Made Too Late Because Of Feet-Dragging By Feds

KIRO TV Seattle Washington
SEATTLE — The King County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed what KIRO Team 7 Investigators first reported Monday night: that a pair of federal agencies made a DNA match that named a killer at least 3½ years too late.

Daytona police pursue database to find suspects using DNA of relative

Daytona Beach News Florida
What happens when police have the DNA of a killer or a rapist, but no suspects?
They look for the closest possible relative in a DNA database. That’s what investigators are doing in California, Colorado and most recently in Virginia.

All-day symposium targets familial DNA

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Introduced to the state Legislature in March as part of Senate Bill 775, the use of familial DNA is occurring more often in cold cases and other criminal investigations when suspect DNA from a crime scene cannot be identified. But, according to the law, DNA from a crime scene can be compared with a family member’s DNA already in the state DNA database to produce evidence.

DPRS staff summoned to President’s Office in Gaamaadhoo human bones case

…President Nasheed, meanwhile, said earlier that DNA tests conducted in Thailand match the age and death date of the human remains found in Gaamaadhoo Prison on September 19, 2009 with that of Anees…

Parents take DNA tests to find children lost in war

Thanhnien News Vietnam
Vietnamese people whose children were evacuated on flights by the US in April 1975 when the Vietnam War was coming to an end had samples taken for DNA tests on Monday with hopes to find their kids.