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Can a Family Member’s DNA Solve a Fairfax Rape and Morgan Harrington’s Murder?

Fairfax City Patch Virginia
Police can now search for related DNA in state and national databases.

Solicitation for the Backlog Reduction Program

NIJ Funding Opportunity

Expanded DNA collection debated

The Times Herald Pennsylvania
COURTHOUSE — A proposal to collect DNA from suspects at the time of their arrests in Pennsylvania is running into resistance from critics who warn the state’s forensic lab is already inundated and struggles to meet current demand, and a flood of additional samples would only worsen the backlog.

Forensics: Developing a Tool for Identification — Even Using Very Degraded DNA Samples

ScienceDaily (Apr. 12, 2011) — Frequently the only biological material available to identify persons or find next of kin is DNA in a very degraded state.

Novel Crime Fighter: The Family Cat

Robert Grahn, the lead author of the paper, said that “Cat fur obtained from a crime scene has the potential to link perpetrators, accomplices, witnesses and victims.” The paper, which puts forth new ideas on the uses of animals in fighting crime, has been accepted for publication in the journal Forensic Science International: Genetics.

Missouri Supreme Court reverses death sentence for Missouri inmate

The Republic
ST. LOUIS — The Missouri Supreme Court has affirmed the murder conviction for Gregory Bowman, but reversed the sentence that put him on death row.

Implementation of the PowerPlex® 18D System in a Databasing Laboratory:…

Profiles in DNA
Implementation of the PowerPlex® 18D System in a Databasing Laboratory: Transforming Operations to Improve Efficiency

Genetic Technologies Executes Settlement and License Agreement with Orchid Cellmark

AGIP News Australia
FITZROY VIC, Australia – Genetic Technologies Limited announced in a press release that it has executed a Settlement and License Agreement with Orchid Cellmark, Inc. of Princetown, New Jersey, USA.

18 Year Prisoner Freed From Life Sentence Based on DNA Forensics Test Performed By DDC

In a landmark case, a prisoner with a life sentence was freed after serving 18 years in a Florida prison, based on DNA findings presented by DDC (DNA Diagnostics Center). DNA analysis and testimony provided by Dr. Julie Heinig.

DNA links three Hampshire 1980s sex cases

BBC News
Police have used new DNA techniques to link three sex attacks in Hampshire in the 1980s to the same suspect.