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New forensic identification unit set for Peterborough

PETERBOROUGH) Construction is underway on a new OPP forensic identification unit in Peterborough.
It’s not going to be exactly like the television show CSI, but it’s pretty darn close.

Missing Soldier’s Remains Come Home, 60 Years Later

NBC Connecticut
The remains of an Old Saybrook Korean War soldier who had been missing since 1950 are coming home to Connecticut for burial.

Forensic science regulator could gain statutory powers

A Commons committee inquiry hears details of changes that will see private contractors and police forces carrying out their own work

New DNA test could help solve cold cases

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – A break through in technology could give authorities the break they need to solve a high profile murder case. They hope a new DNA test can give them more information on the suspect in Sherry Black’s murder.

Crime: Fears over Wetherby forensic science centre closure

Yorkshire Daily News
A MINISTER has defended the £70m cost to the taxpayer of winding up the Forensic Science Service (FSS) – including a laboratory in Wetherby which has helped solve some of Britain’s most notorious crimes.

Texas Department of Public Safety completes construction of new crime lab

The Texas Department of Public Safety has completion construction of its $14 million new crime lab in northwest Houston, US.

Mass graves toll in northwestern Mexico at 104

MSNBC Mexico
MEXICO CITY — Mexican security forces exhumed eight more bodies Wednesday from mass graves in a northwestern state capital where drug gangs are believed to have buried their victims, bringing the total from a monthlong search to 104.

States Grapple with Compensation Laws for Boom in Exonerated Convicts

ABC News
One year after DNA evidence exonerated Alan Northrop, who had served 17 years in prison for a rape and kidnapping he didn’t commit, he’s still waiting for the state of Washington to compensate him for its mistake.

Bill to Test Rape Kits Comes With Big Price Tag

The Texas Tribune
Thousands of untested rape kits could be examined for DNA evidence, but a bill considered today by a Senate panel carries a hefty price tag. The result could be that the boxes remain stacked on shelves in police storage rooms across the state.

Ancient DNA: Curse of the Pharaoh’s DNA

Nature News
Some researchers claim to have analysed DNA from Egyptian mummies. Others say that’s impossible. Could new sequencing methods bridge the divide?

Lab Overwork

Salt Lake City Weekly
A new bill will increase the number of samples state labs will need to test for drugs and alcohol, but some labs are already behind on the workload.

Italy: Mona Lisa to be exhumed for DNA sample

IGN Itlay
Florence, 6 April (AKI) – Art historians are due to dig up the remains of who they believe posed for Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic Mona Lisa in order to extract the DNA to recreate the face of the noblewoman who died almost 500 years ago and provided the world with what may be history’s most famous smile.

Truman State closing crime lab as part of budget cuts

Truman State University is continuing to make cutbacks as a result of decreasing state appropriations, with a recent announcement that the Northeast Missouri Criminalistics Laboratory will close.

Sorenson Forensics to Help Develop First DNA Lab for LA County Coroner’s Office

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sorenson Forensics today announced it has forged a partnership with the Los Angeles County Coroner to equip, train and launch that office’s first DNA laboratory.

Spanish DNA database has helped solve 7,500 crimes

The Olive Press
IT was the dramatic breakthrough that police forces around the world were waiting for.
Now it can be confirmed that thousands of crimes have been solved since a national DNA database was introduced in Spain three years ago.