Daily Archives: March 28, 2011

Secret £70m cost of closing forensics agency

The Telegraph UK
Ministers have secretly allocated £70 million of taxpayers’ money to close down the government-run agency which provides forensic testing to the police.

R.I. crime lab is under the gun to analyze DNA evidence

Projo.com Rhode Island
PROVIDENCE –– Two days after Thanksgiving, a grandmother was brutally murdered inside the Pawtucket home where she’d lived for most of her life. The next month, a Providence man was found in a puddle of blood inside his house, where the bars on the windows and spike-topped fence had failed to keep his killer away.

DNA, other samples can be destroyed

The Witchita Eagle Kansas
Ronnie Rhodes wondered why he couldn’t seek legal relief if evidence in his 30-year-old murder case was destroyed without a court order.
Currently, 33 states require evidence in the most serious crimes to be maintained at least as long as a convicted person remains in prison.

Cash woes hit forensic laboratories

Times Daily Alabama
FLORENCE – St. Florian Police Chief Ralph Richey said his staff may not work many drug-related cases, but if budget cuts cause the Florence forensic office to close, it could be detrimental to his department.

Storage of DNA evidence crucial to exonerations

USA Today
DALLAS — The exoneration of Cornelius DuPree Jr. after three decades in prison began in a cramped local laboratory, where an unusual repository of biological evidence from thousands of crimes is liberating more wrongly convicted inmates than any in the country.

Vermont using DNA analysis for break-ins, other lower level crimes

HARTFORD, Vt. — Vermont is solving some of its nonviolent crimes with DNA analysis.
The Valley News reports that violent crime rates are relatively low in Vermont, so the state is able to devote greater resources to using the analysis to pursue nonviolent offenders.