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CBRM Receives Infrastructure Funding for Crime Lab

Canada Views
Crime fighting will have an improved home in Cape Breton through
a new forensic identification unit and crime laboratory at the Regional Police headquarters in Sydney.

Editorial: Allow familial DNA, but use it carefully

Suppose a new technology came along that could catch violent criminals. Should we use it?
Should we use it even if it feels like a creepy small step toward the lifetime genetic surveillance of all Americans?
That’s the conundrum raised by a new technique called “familial DNA,” which makes it possible to track down a criminal through the similar DNA of his or her relatives. New software soon will allow any state to begin familial DNA searches at a very low cost.

DNA analysis used in cases of missing persons

Pittsburgh Tribune Review
…On Sunday, she will become the first parent to provide her DNA to Pittsburgh police as part of a national project to link family members with the remains of lost relatives…