Daily Archives: March 15, 2011

Santa Cruz Sex Assault Suspect Identified Through Same DNA Technology Used in Grim Sleeper Case

Tribune Daily Chronicle California
For the first time since the Grim Sleeper case, forensic investigators with the California Attorney General’s office have identified a suspect in a major violent crime by using familial DNA.

Crusades, Islam Expansion Traced in Lebanon DNA

National Geographic
A new study has found genetic traces of both the arrival of the Crusades and of the expansion of Islam in Lebanon.

Cold Case Child Killer Caught

Romanian Times
Romanian Gheorghe Avram has been arrested for sexually assaulting and then killing a 13-year-old girl 19 years later after a cold case DNA follow up.

Judiciary Committee Gets Earful About Killing Death Penalty

East Haven Patch Connecticut
As one of the hottest topics to go before the Judiciary Committee this year, the death penalty bills filled the hearing room with members of the public with vested interest and those testifying. Overall, 63 people testified with 45 in favor of abolishing capital punishment and 18 opposed.

Jury convicts Richard Bunch on all 5 counts

Daily Record Washington
ELLENSBURG—A Kittitas County jury on Friday found Richard Duane Bunch guilty of the 2008 rape of a 9-year-old girl in the Japanese Garden at Central Washington University.

State lawmakers hear support, criticism for pre-conviction DNA collection

Stamford Advocate
STAMFORD — State lawmakers heard testimony this week from a New Mexico mother whose daughter was raped and murdered and from several civil rights advocates who opposed a proposed bill that would require felony suspects to submit DNA samples after an arrest, instead of after a conviction.

The Jefferson County Regional Crime Laboratory in Beaumont, Texas, has selected Qualtrax as a compliance management tool for its facility.

“Our mission is to provide meaningful, timely, unbiased, and accurate forensic services to the community,” said Linda Johnson, Lab Director. “Using Qualtrax will help us keep our commitment to the community by allowing us to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks required to maintain quality documentation and processes, and dedicate more time to serving our community.”

`Gift of God` proving a headache ON TARGET

Dawn.com Pakistan
KOHAT, March 13: An infant baby boy is causing headache to Kohat police as a couple whose newborn baby was stolen from a hospital last November and the issueless old couple of Hangu from whom the infant was recovered claim the boy belongs to them.

Ffion Roberts murder case: ‘Partial DNA match’ on scarf

A forensic expert has told a murder trial that DNA found on the scarf used to strangle Ffion Wyn Roberts partially matched that of the defendant.

Axe falls on forensics students

The Guardian UK
Forensics students fear uncertain jobs market as government service prepares to close