Daily Archives: March 11, 2011

Police cuts reduce forensic analysis, scientists claim

Crime scene samples sent for forensic analysis by police forces in the East of England have fallen by almost a quarter, scientists have claimed.

Preservation of DNA Evidence: Matter of Life and Death

KFBB Michigan
A bill attempting to change the way DNA evidence is stored is heard in the House Judiciary Committee, after being backed by the Senate. Supporters of the measure say there are hundreds of wrongfully convicted people in jail and the length of time their biological evidence is stored could be a matter of life or death.

Number of crimes solved with DNA increases in Washington

My Northwest Washington State
It might not happen as quickly as it does on TV, but DNA solved more crimes than ever last year in our state.

Palace denies ‘shameful’ database link

Public Service.com UK
A deal signed under Tony Blair’s government to help the United Arab Emirates build a DNA database of its entire population must be scrapped, human rights and genetics bodies have warned.