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DNA leads Ohio cold-case team to 2nd serial case

CLEVELAND — The bodies could have been buried anywhere.
In the garbage bin next to his house, which occasionally reeked with the smell of something rotting inside. In the bowels of a boarded-up house down the block. Beneath a pile of debris in an overgrown, vacant lot.

DNA lab funding sought

The Heartland Connection Missouri
The Kirksville City Council approved resolution Monday evening to authorize the submission of a community development block grant action fund loan for Human Identification Technologies for the amount of $450,000.

Where Did I Come From? Some Stolen Children Don’t Want To Know

NPR Argentina
Eight members of the military junta that ran Argentina in the 1970s are now sitting in a courtroom in Buenos Aires. They are accused of trafficking in stolen babies. Those babies are now around 35 years old. Many of them (but as you shall hear, not all) will soon be telling their stories in court. For example:

Conn. lawmakers mull DNA testing for arrestees

News 8 Connecticut
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – Connecticut lawmakers and the mother of a murder victim say lives would be saved and innocent people in prison would be set free if the state approves a bill requiring DNA testing of people accused of serious felonies.

UWC develops DNA test kit for rape

The New Age South Africa
The forensic DNA laboratory of the University of the Western Cape has developed a forensic kit to identify male perpetrators in rape cases, UWC said on Wednesday.

Sack of urine led to Swedish thief’s capture

The Local Sweden
A forgotten bag full of urine led to the conviction of a Swedish bank robber who had locked himself in the vault of Copenhagen bank.