Daily Archives: March 4, 2011

Remains of First World War soldier found in France identified as Calgary man

Canadian Press
VIMY RIDGE, FRANCE, – The remains of a First World War soldier discovered at a French construction site in 2003 have been identified as those of an Alberta man who died in the bloody battle at Vimy Ridge nearly a century ago.

Forensics Follows New Clues

Science Magazine
Forensic DNA analysis has already revolutionized criminal investigation. Now researchers and toolmakers are building faster, more sensitive DNA fingerprinting platforms while adding entirely new techniques to detectives’ toolkits.

New Zealand abandons search for survivors

The Global Times New Zealand
New Zealand authorities have given up hope of finding any more survivors from last week’s devastating earthquake and will now look toward recovering bodies of the remaining victims, officials said Thursday.

Cabbie on trial accused of being The Night Stalker serial rapist

The Daily Record
A SERIAL rapist dubbed the Night Stalker attacked a string of elderly women and men over 17 years, a court heard yesterday.

Washington State Patrol lab relies on DNA to solve crimes

Issaquah Press Washington
The state crime lab used DNA testing to complete a record-setting 379 hits last year.
Teams at the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab use a national database, Combined DNA Index System or CODIS, to offer leads to investigators.

Cold Case Mistake: Evidence Ignored

WKRC Cincinnati
Police had a chance to charge Tim Sellers with murder in 2002, but the evidence was ignored. Lillian Curtis was raped and murdered in 1990. Sellers is now in prison for another attack.
Local 12 News Reporter Deborah Dixon shows us the prosecutor’s plan to keep Sellers locked up until his dying breath.
Twenty years ago, the whole DNA thing was new. There was no CODIS, COmbined Dna Indexing System, until years later. That’s a database that compares DNA profiles of criminals to DNA from unsolved crimes. On a good day there is a match. It was a good day back in December 2002.

‘He’s still here.’ And other revelations in the Harrington case

The Hook VA
It was a Saturday night in October 2009. The air outside was chilly, and a light rain was falling as the visiting father finished dinner with his daughter at a Charlottesville restaurant and the two returned to his car. As the father drove his daughter back to her dormitory around 9:20pm, their path took them past John Paul Jones Arena, where a major event was underway.

Government store DNA of over 6 million

Public Service.com UK
More than 6 million DNA profiles have been entered on the National DNA Database since it was created, Home Office minister James Brokenshire said, as he revealed details of how many profiles individual forces had submitted.