Daily Archives: March 3, 2011

Forensics ‘safe in private hands’

BBC News
The closure of the Forensic Science Service should have no negative impact on criminal justice as long as the wind down is properly handled, commercial providers have told a Commons inquiry.

Special Report: What Does Your Spit Say About You?

Thanks to advances in DNA technology, you can now find out more about yourself than you may have ever wanted to know. With a sample of your DNA, there are companies that can tell you everything from which diseases you have a higher chance of getting, to insight on your traits ranging from wet or dry ear wax to whether sunlight makes you sneeze.

Man who served 17 years was innocent of rape, DA says

(CNN) — Houston prosecutors are asking a court to formally exonerate a Texas man after DNA tests ruled out his guilt in a rape for which he served 17 years in prison.

Cracking crimes with a new DNA technique

It’s news that will have cold case murder victims smiling in heaven. Israeli scientists have found a way to identify DNA that would otherwise be inadmissible in court – when it comes from a sample of multiple people.

State Lawmakers Vote to Expand DNA Database

CBS6 Virginia
…”These are sex offenses, sexual battery cases, and sexual abuse of minor children under 15. It’s not a lot, but it’s important to the people that are affected.” said Peter Marone…

DNA tests on bone fragment inconclusive in Amelia Earhart search

(CNN) — The fate of famed aviator Amelia Earhart remains a mystery after DNA tests on one of three bone fragments discovered on a Pacific island proved inconclusive.

Caliper Life Sciences, IntegenX enter license agreement for microfluidics patent portfolio

i-Micro News
IntegenX will leverage its proprietary MOVe™ microvalve technology and Caliper’s microfluidic intellectual patent estate to accelerate commercialization of its Apollo 200 RapidHIT™ DNA Profiling System for human identification.