Daily Archives: February 13, 2011

Portantino Looking to Address Rape Kit Backlog

South Pasadena Patch
A local assemblyman has introduced a bill that would set time limits for crime labs to process rape kits that are used to present physical evidence in the prosecution of sexual assault offenders.

DNA Tests For Genetic Disorders Finding Cases Of Incest

Daily Planet Dispatch
DNA testing has revolutionized the detection and medical care of numerous health problems. The same DNA tests have also uncovered family secrets such as incest. This situation has stimulated ethical controversy within the medical community concerning just how such unavoidable discoveries ought to be handled.

Grant’s link to Derksen ‘bad science’: expert

Winnipeg Free Press Canada
The first-degree murder trial for the accused killer of Candace Derksen wrapped up its fourth week of testimony Friday with an expert witness’s condemnation of the science used to link Mark Grant to the death scene.
McMaster University genetics professor Dr. John Waye said “bad science” was behind some of the DNA analysis done by a Thunder Bay lab that linked biological material found at the scene and on Candace’s clothing to Grant.

Years of toil led to freedom for innocent man

Star Advertiser Hawaii
Twenty years of “Law and Order” notwithstanding, securing the release of the wrongfully imprisoned is an arduous process measured in years of anonymous toil, not 12-minute programming blocks.
It is no crime, therefore, that so few Hawaii residents were aware of the existence of the Hawaii Innocence Project until last month’s release of a Maui man who spent two decades in jail for a crime that DNA evidence now says he did not commit.