Daily Archives: February 2, 2011

Family roots get tangled up in Africa

Cosmic Log
When William Holland traveled from Atlanta to Cameroon to dig into his family roots, the quest succeeded beyond his wildest dreams: A blend of genetic testing and genealogical sleuthing connected him with one of the West African nation’s royal families. The king of Mankon, a region in Cameroon, embraced Holland so completely that the American was ceremonially given the name of the king’s father.

After 27 years in prison, Richmond man nears proof of innocence

Richmond Times Dispatch
JARRATT — Thomas E. Haynesworth hopes to return home soon from an errand he set off on 27 years ago as a teenager with no criminal record.

Police researchers lift fingerprints from fabric

CNet News Scotland
Scottish researchers say they’re having success getting fingerprints from fabric, a feat that traditionally has been difficult for forensic sleuths.

LAPD: Rape kit backlog has been eliminated

Daily Breeze.com California
LOS ANGELES – Police have cleared a vast backlog of sexual assault evidence kits that had gone untested for years, an official said Tuesday.