Daily Archives: February 1, 2011

Bill would establish MU forensic center as state DNA lab for police

Herald Dispatch West Virginia
CHARLESTON — Legislation to guarantee an exclusive arrangement between the West Virginia State Police and the Marshall University Forensic Science Center for DNA testing is making its way through the West Virginia Legislature at the current session.

Parents of Katie’s Law namesake advocate DNA testing

El PasoTimes
SANTA FE – Jayann and Dave Sepich say DNA testing can do more than solve murders and free the wrongly convicted.
They believe it also can prevent crimes.

Cornell University Tracing Volunteers’ DNA

Epoch Times
Cornell University recently announced plans to map the genetic code of 200 randomly selected undergraduate students in an effort to trace human ancestry to the remote past in East Africa.
Directed by professor Charles “Chip” Aquadro of the Cornell Center for Comparative and Populative Genomics and professor Spencer Wells, director of the famous National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project will host a lecture on Feb. 1 at the university. Afterward, a random sampling of 200 volunteers’ DNA will be taken by the Genographic Project.

John Walsh recounts son’s loss, fight to protect children at World Affairs Council luncheon

Palm Beach Daily News
…John Walsh began working on the Missing Children’s Act; while Reve operated the first Adam Walsh Center, which later merged with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children…

Bumbling in the Morgue: Blind, Drunk or Merely Incompetent Coroners

New York Times
“Post Mortem,” a documentary on PBS on Tuesday, compellingly demonstrates just how often a situation like this one actually occurs.

Winston & Strawn Receives Prestigious Technology Innovation Award

PR Newswire
CHICAGO, Feb. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Winston & Strawn LLP received this week the 2010 “Most Innovative Use of Technology in a Pro Bono Project” award from Law Technology News (LTN), which honors extraordinary innovation by law firms and legal departments in representing the poor and legal aid societies.

Killer of TV anchor to be tried for rape in Marianna case

LITTLE ROCK — A month after a Little Rock television anchorwoman died in October 2008 following a rape and beating in her home, investigators unexpectedly found a suspect in east Arkansas who was linked to the crime by DNA evidence from an alleged rape in Marianna.
Curtis Lavelle Vance was convicted of capital murder in 2009 for the slaying of Anne Pressly, a morning host for Little Rock television station KATV. Pressly also appeared in Oliver Stone’s movie “W.”
Jury selection is scheduled to begin today in Lee County, where Vance is charged with the April 21, 2008, rape of a Marianna High School teacher.

Stolen children seek their parents in Madrid

M&C News Spain
Madrid – A few years ago Antonio Barroso received a phone call from a friend, who said he had heard that Barroso’s parents had bought him as a baby.

Boots to sell paternity test kits over the counter

London Evening Standard UK
A new kit for testing paternity will go on sale in high street store Boots.
The Assuredna test, which is already available in more than 350 independent pharmacies, gives results in one to five days.

New NC DNA law goes into effect

WBTV North Carolina
CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – A new DNA law went into effect Tuesday morning.