Daily Archives: January 26, 2011

Cold cases will stay unsolved, warns union

Cambridge News UK
Closing the Forensic Science Service and its laboratory at Huntingdon will mean so-called cold cases remain unsolved, a union has warned.

Pickton case well handled, RCMP finds

Global BC Canada
VICTORIA — The RCMP’s internal review of the Robert Pickton serial killer case concluded that the officers involved in the investigation would change little if they had to do things over again.

DNA Solves Murder of CTA Bus Driver, 27 Years Later

Fox Chicago News
Chicago – It took 27 years, but the murder of CTA bus driver Hosey Reynolds during a robbery in his South Side apartment may be solved. DNA evidence collected from a glove left at the scene of the fatal stabbing has led to murder charges against a 45-year-old felon.