Daily Archives: January 19, 2011

UAE to collect 10 million DNA samples

Zawya United Arab Emirates
Residents in the UAE will soon be subject to DNA tests under a Dh4 billion police project involving the collection of 10 million DNA samples as part of efforts to combat crime, according to a senior police officer.

Cops: Maine woman among 4 found dead in N.Y.

YAPHANK, N.Y. — A Maine woman who was last seen in June is among four bodies found dumped along a deserted stretch of beach highway, police said Wednesday, adding they are close to identifying the other three.

Bombing victims left unburied in Moscow morgues

The Moscow News
Bereaved families are still unable to bury their loved ones after a terror attack 11 years ago.
The apartment block bombing on Ul. Guryanova in Sep. 1999 sent shockwaves through Russian society, bringing the front line of the Chechen war into the Moscow suburbs.
But more than a decade on victims of those blasts are still in the city’s morgues – and the authorities will not pay up for DNA analysis to identify the remains.

Old dog, new tricks: Study IDs 9,400-year-old mutt

Associated Press
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Nearly 10,000 years ago, man’s best friend provided protection and companionship — and an occasional meal.

Woman guilty of murder tries to appeal case under new Utah law

Fox 13 News
SALT LAKE CITY — A woman who was convicted of aggravated murder in 1995 still maintains her innocence and is seeking to be exonerated under a new Utah law.

The DNA Backlog Problem

Philadelphia Weekly Blog
A sample of Rodriguez’s DNA was provided to the State Police on Oct. 25 – a week before the first of the Strangler’s victims was found – but was not uploaded into the national CODIS database until Jan. 10, said Jack Lewis, a State Police spokesman.

DNA tests clear doctor in sensational murder case- 100 years too late

Vancouver Sun Canada
The publication of a U.S. study that demolishes the key piece of evidence in one of history’s most sensational crime sagas — the 1910 conviction and execution of London doctor Hawley Crippen for killing and dismembering his wife — is likely to prompt renewed calls for a posthumous pardon in a case highlighted by a dramatic, transatlantic chase ending in Canada.

Notorious ‘Kensington Strangler’ caught in Philadelphia: police

New York Daily News
…The man authorities believe to be the Kensington Strangler is 22-year-old Antonio Rodriguez. DNA evidence links the homeless man to the three murders, but further tests needed to be done in order to confirm the results…