Daily Archives: January 16, 2011

New DNA test helps police get their man among many suspects

Jerusalem Post Israel
New Worlds: Yissum has introduced a method for forensic profiling even when a crime scene contains DNA from more than two individuals.

Falsely accused fathers urge mandatory DNA testing, death penalty repeal

Daily Herald Illinois
The most terrible of accusations united Jerry Hobbs and Kevin Fox, and the most fundamental scientific evidence exonerated them.

Justice at hand, 2 years later

Boston Globe
A bloodied paper towel. A busted window. Missing family heirlooms.

Veto repeal of death penalty

Northwest Herald Illinois
Whether the death penalty lives or dies in Illinois is now up to Gov. Pat Quinn.

Cold case resulted in heated relationship between police chief, prosecutor

Progress Index Virginina
HOPEWELL – The relationship between the two leading law enforcement officials in Hopewell became so fractured that one of them had to go. And that someone was Police Chief Steven D. Martin, who unexpectedly resigned from his office on Thursday after a three-year tenure.