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New report shows identification practices are leading causes of wrongful convictions in New York State

New York Bar Association
Chaired by the Honorable Barry Kamins, the Task Force on Wrongful Conviction included distinguished jurists, prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, members of law enforcement, good government groups and leading members of academia.

World’s second largest forensic lab set up in City

The Nation.com Pakistan
LAHORE – The Punjab government with the cost of Rs 2.5 billions has established a world’s second largest forensic science laboratory to counter terrorism and police in investigations of criminal cases, said sources in Punjab Home Department on Tuesday.

Regional Crime Lab Opens at Sam Houston State University

KBTX.com Texas
The Sam Houston State University Regional Crime Lab in The Woodlands is now open and accepting evidence. The new crime lab received its accreditation in October 2010 and began accepting evidence from state and local agencies just before Thanksgiving, according to university officials.

13 Life Science Tool Firms Sued for False Patent Marking

Genome Web
NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – A consulting firm focused on invalidating overly broad patents has filed suit against thirteen life science technology firms for describing technologies as “patented” in marketing materials after the patents have expired.

ATF Names Forensic Scientist Czarnopys to Lead Forensic Labs

PR Newswire
WASHINGTON, Jan. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) today announced the creation of a Senior Executive Service (SES) position to lead the forensic science efforts at its world renowned National Laboratory Center (NLC), within the Office of Science and Technology (OST). Gregory P. Czarnopys, deputy director, ATF Laboratory Services, assumes the title of deputy assistant director, Forensic Services, where he will continue to direct ATF’s forensic science laboratories in Atlanta, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., and oversee the Fire Research Laboratory. Along with these duties, Czarnopys will be responsible for ATF’s financial investigative services, which conduct forensic audits in support of ATF investigations. The NLC was previously led by Michael Etheridge, former director, NLC, who recently retired.

Is Lockheed Martin Shadowing You? How a Giant Weapons Maker Became the New Big Brother

CBS News
…The company also produces biometric identification devices that will know who you are by scanning your iris, recognizing your face, or coming up with novel ways of collecting your fingerprints or DNA. As the company likes to say, it’s in the business of making everyone’s lives (and so personal data) an “open book,” which is, of course, of great benefit to us all. “Thanks to biometric technology,” the company proclaims, “people don’t have to worry about forgetting a password or bringing multiple forms of identification. Things just got a little easier.” …

India Discharges The Unknown Soldiers

Strategy Page India
January 12, 2011: The Indian Armed Forces will begin collecting DNA samples from each of its million troops, to make it easier, and more certain, to identify soldiers killed in combat or by terrorists. In cases where explosives are used, or where bodies are not found for weeks or months, DNA is the easiest way, often the only way, to positively identify the deceased. This is actually a morale booster, as it is important for families, and soldiers, that those killed on duty have their remains positively identified and properly recognized after death.

Mystery surrounds skull discovered in evidence room

Tampa Bay Online
BRADENTON – Police want the public’s help with the case of a partial skull detectives discovered packed in a cardboard box and wrapped in newspaper during a check of cold case files in the department’s homicide evidence room.

Schumer, Fitzpatrick call for mandatory DNA fingerprinting

WSYR TV Syracuse NY
Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – Prosecutors say a law making DNA fingerprinting mandatory for people arrested for violent felonies would go a long way in preventing recidivism.

Sheriff backs use of familial DNA

Minneapolis Star Times
Hennepin Sheriff Rich Stanek is pushing for a state law to expand DNA searches to relatives of criminal suspects. But privacy issues have some people concerned.