Daily Archives: January 11, 2011

Leahy To Pursue Justice For All Act, Forensic Science Board

The Crime Report
…The forensic sciences bill is an outgrowth of a report two years ago by a National Academy of Sciences panel that called for a federal agency to deal with forensic sciences…

Police forensic lab robbed

News 24 South Africa
Port Elizabeth – The Hawks are investigating a robbery at the SAPF forensic laboratory in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape police said on Tuesday.

Missing Pieces from Statue of King Tut’s Grandparents Found

…Egyptologists are hard at work to pin down King Tut’s family tree. Candidates for King Tut’s mother and father were recently identified using DNA analyses from royal Egyptian mummies…

Idaho Innocence Project Key In International Trial

ABC 6.com
The Amanda Knox case has garnered worldwide attention over the last few years, now a report done by the Idaho Innocence project could help free the American woman convicted of murdering her roommate in Italy.

Alaska Innocence Project faces challenges

Juneau Empire.com
FAIRBANKS — Have authorities in Alaska put an innocent person behind bars? The Alaska Innocence Project is screening about 60 cases.

DNA tests ‘inconclusive’ in paternity cases

Emirates 24/7
DNA analysis is not the accurate method to determine a person’s lineage, according to professors of Islamic Shariah law.

Police need own DNA machine

New Vision Uganda
THE Police always find themselves in an awkward situation in investigations involving Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) tests. The latest incident is of the two poor women in Kampala who are fighting over a child.