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400,000 year old teeth could rewrite the evolutionary history of our species

…The finding sparks a major mystery in the story of human evolution. All previous evidence – and there’s an awful lot of previous evidence – had suggested the first anatomically modern humans emerged from archaic Homo sapiens about 200,000 years ago, and then only in Africa. So what are teeth that apparently belong to an anatomically modern human doing in an Israeli cave 400,000 years ago?

Forensic Service Closure

Wales Tonight (Video available in UK only)
The forensic science service in Chepstow will close its doors for the last time today.

Federal legislation proposed to reform crime labs

California Watch.org
Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., has announced that he will introduce legislation to reform the forensic science field early next year.
…Here’s a draft of the proposed legislation:

Inventory will delay DNA lab move

KOB.com New Mexico
Wednesday morning the FBI will start moving Albuquerque’s DNA crime lab to Santa Fe. They’re doing it despite the fact that Governor-elect Susana Martinez says she’ll move it right back to Albuquerque next week.

Science continues larger role in crime solving

St. Louis Today
As science continues to play a larger role in crime solving, St. Louis Police Department scientists are getting out of the lab and into the streets, while other area departments are expanding their facilities.

B.C.’s crack team of forensic science

The Globe and Mail Canada
…The centre features several labs, including an autopsy facility. Like other areas of the lab, it operates behind high-level security consistent with police standards, so evidence can be properly protected…

Will Federal Crime Lab Reform Affect California?

SF Weekly Blog
Perhaps not, according to an interesting report published yesterday by California Watch.