Daily Archives: December 13, 2010

New Evidence Sends Mum’s Killer To Jail

New forensic evidence has convicted a man of murdering a mother-of-two nearly 15 years after he was originally cleared of the crime.

Yissum introduces a novel method for forensic DNA profiling

Forensic DNA science has advanced significantly in the latest decade, and constitutes today the mainstay of forensic science. All serious crime scenes are routinely inspected for DNA evidence and many cases are solved by matching the DNA in the crime scene to that of a suspect. But often a crime scene will contain complex DNA mixtures (usually more than two individuals), and the detection of a particular DNA profile in such mixtures is challenging. Consequently, in such cases current police practices overlook valuable information that may aid in solving serious crimes.

Warnex Obtains Funding for Forensic DNA Testing

Digital Journal
Warnex receives funding from NRC-IRAP for DNA analysis on expended firearm cartridges

CPJ: Poor forensics may cripple massacre case

Philippine courts handling the Ampatuan massacre case will have a very tough time reaching a conclusive verdict because of the prosecution’s lack of forensic evidence, an international media watchdog warned weeks after the anniversary of the gruesome killings.