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Fetal DNA Sequenced From Mother’s Blood

Science Magazine.org
A baby might have its mother’s eyes, but the mother has the child’s DNA in her blood, at least during pregnancy. Researchers have now used this DNA to test for a genetic disease before birth. The technique might allow doctors to perform prenatal screening from only a sample of the mother’s blood

Tories, Liberals play blame game over crime bills

CBC News Canada
The Conservative government is again accusing opposition parties of obstructing its law-and-order agenda, just as a bill cracking down on sex offenders passed final reading in the Senate.

A look at the US Department of Justice’s Fiscal Year 2011 draft budget

Police One.com
The US Department of Justice recently published the 2011 President’s budget request for FY 2011 for all justice grant programs. You may find a pdf version of the proposed budget here. This document includes proposed expenditures for all expansions, reductions and new initiatives for 2011. It is recommended that every police department considering grant applications in 2011 review this document and then monitor the progress of the 2011 FY Federal budget outcomes. The six proposed appropriation accounts are as follows:

FBI joins hunt for Philadelphia strangler

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 8 (UPI) — The FBI says it is joining the hunt for a killer who has strangled at least two women in Philadelphia.

Exonerated convict gains freedom–and hearing

The Hearing Journal
EDEN PRAIRIE, MN—After serving 20 years in a Texas prison for a crime he was eventually cleared of, Stephen Brodie has begun a new life of freedom–and better hearing. The freedom came early this fall after DNA testing and fingerprints exonerated Brodie for the 1993 rape of a 5-year-old girl in Texas—and pointed the finger at a serial rapist.

Innocent Convict Wavers Between Anger, Hope

Channel 3000.com
MILWAUKEE — A claims board will decide whether to ask Wisconsin lawmakers to waive a compensation cap for a Milwaukee man who spent 23 years in prison for a slaying he did not commit.

DNA database building to begin next June

Irish Times
…A Bill introduced earlier this year allows for the establishment of a national DNA database in Ireland. It is proposed that, once the Bill becomes law, every person who is arrested will have to give a DNA sample which could then be compared to samples collected from crime scenes….

Police: Kennewick Cold Case Solved

KEPRTV.com Washington
KENNEWICK — One of Kennewick’s coldest cases is finally considered solved. Rose Baugh was strangled in her home in 1982. She was just 25 years old. For years, police had no hard evidence in the crime. But with the help of DNA, that all changed Tuesday morning, when Kennewick officers drove to Lewiston, ID to arrest the man they say is responsible.

Funeral director describes a ‘suspicious death’ in Danbury trial

Dec. 08–DANBURY– “Hey, who killed this guy?”
That question, uttered by Arthur Johnson more than 18 years ago, is what transformed an apparent case of death by natural causes into a homicide investigation and brought the former funeral director into state Superior Court in Danbury Tuesday to testify at the trial of the man accused of the crime.