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Tracing human lineage through ancient DNA

The Hindu: SciTech
It is an interest that began with the pyramids and mummies of ancient Egypt. But Svante Pääbo has made his name not in archaeology but by resurrecting ancient DNA.

CSI: Connecticut

NBC Connecticut.com
If there’s a crime anywhere in Connecticut, chances are the evidence will head to the Connecticut State Crime Lab. There, forensic scientists will test the evidence in every way possible.

Canada needs DNA bank for missing persons

Winnipeg Free Press
…Canada has a crime scene and a convicted offender DNA databank, but it is used only to identify criminals, not to link DNA from missing persons with unidentified remains….

Police: man stole more than $29,000 in jewelry from Kohl’s

WKTV.com Utica
NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) – A Utica man has been arrested after police say blood evidence led them to a suspect who stole more than $29,000 in jewelry from an area department store.

Justice Dept. to reverse Bush-era policy on DNA tests

Washington Post
Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is reversing a controversial Bush administration policy under which numerous defendants have waived their right to DNA testing even though that right is guaranteed under federal law, Justice Department officials said Wednesday.

Crime lab director weighs in on Morgan Nick case

THV.com Arkansas
The Arkansas State Crime lab weighs in on the recent developments in the Morgan Nick case.
We first told you Monday that federal authorities are looking at an Oklahoma home for possible new DNA evidence in the Morgan Nick abduction case. It’s a move that could shed some needed light on the 15-year old mystery.

Metro’s cold case unit turns back clock on crime

Las Vegas Sun
For 12 years, Jack Siegel lived with the memory of his father’s violent death — and the fear that he could be charged with his murder.

The science of deduction

The New Statesman UK
Developments in the field of forensics should make crimes easier to solve. But a lack of funding threatens progress.

Ohio city to pay $5.25M to settle man’s lawsuit

BERTON (AP) — A northeast Ohio city will pay $5.25 million to settle a lawsuit filed by a man wrongfully imprisoned for rape and murder.

Bembenek: Reverse my murder conviction

Can a person who pleaded no contest to a crime have her conviction overturned now that DNA and other forensic tests have exonerated her?

That’s the question former Milwaukee Police Officer Lawrencia Bembenek wants the U.S. Supreme Court to answer.

Windsor area OPP return to scene of Russell Floyd murder in bid to crack cold case

The Windsor Star
MAIDSTONE, Ont. — Provincial police returned to the scene of the crime Monday to take another run at cracking a three-decade-old cold murder case.

While police are keeping tight-lipped about what’s up their sleeve, a criminology expert said that should worry the killer.