Daily Archives: November 16, 2010

CSI: Privatization? Review of RCMP forensic services may see new business model

The Star.com Toronto
OTTAWA—The federal government has launched a wide-ranging review of the RCMP’s long-troubled DNA labs and other forensic services, opening the door to possible private-sector delivery.

Search for Natalee Holloway: Dutch Testing Jaw Bone Found on Beach in Aruba

ABC News
A Dutch forensics teams is awaiting the OK from an Aruban prosecutor to test a bone fragment that some people believe could belong to missing U.S. teenager Natalee Holloway.

Metro Police Crime Lab Faces Backlog of Cases

8NewsNow.com Nevada
LAS VEGAS – Officers scour the crime scene and look for irrefutable evidence. Old-fashioned police work still lands the bad guy behind bars. But at Metro’s forensics laboratory, more investigators are turning to science and cutting-edge technology to solve crimes.

Metro Crime Lab Director Linda Krueger says her scientists are swamped. “As techniques have been refined, as the technology has gotten better, and instruments are able to do more, we’ve seen these requests for service mushroom,” she said.