Daily Archives: November 12, 2010

Blood camera to spot invisible stains at crime scenes

The New Scientist
Call it CSI: Abracadabra. A camera that can make invisible substances reappear as if by magic could allow forensics teams to quickly scan a crime scene for blood stains without tampering with valuable evidence.

The prototype camera, developed by Stephen Morgan, Michael Myrick and colleagues at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, can detect blood stains even when the sample has been diluted to one part per 100.

Police in call for forensic centre

The West.com.au Australia
A huge forensic science centre housing police and State scientists would be built under a police plan to streamline WA’s criminal forensic services.

Forensics division Supt John Tuttle said police, PathWest and the ChemCentre were preparing a submission for the State Government to consider.

Crime lab’s outlook threatened

LINCOLN — Last year, it was taking the state crime lab up to 12 months to complete testing on the physical evidence collected in a typical rape case.
The long turnaround time for the analysis of a rape kit presented an anxiety-filled wait for the alleged victim, said Assistant Lincoln Police Chief Jim Peshong.

Justice ministry working to meet December deadline for DNA legislation

Jamaica Observer
JUSTICE ministry officials are working feverishly to make the December deadline for the tabling of legislation to provide for the collection and use of DNA data as evidence.

Grant aimed to reduce backlog of DNA cases

Sign on San Diego
County officials will use a nearly $275,000 federal grant to reduce a backlog of DNA cases.

GPD looks to enhance fingerprinting system with DNA

The Guam Police Department said about 136 cases have been solved through the use of its new Automated Fingerprint Identification System, and it wants to crack more cases.