Daily Archives: November 10, 2010

Testimony: Murder scene DNA matches defendant’s

The Walton Sun
MARIANNA — DNA discovered on a skullcap in the apartment where Christopher Odom and Michael Smith were killed matched that of LaMarquis Powell, a crime lab analyst testified Tuesday.

DNA identifies remains of missing man

ABC 7 News
November 9, 2010 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — DNA tests on a bone fragment found in 2004 identified a body found in the Dan McMahon Woods as Glenn Serratt, 49, of Justice, Ill.

DNA is link in murder case

Hartford Courant
A Costa Mesa man and his brother were charged Tuesday with murder in the commission of a kidnapping after police said that DNA evidence linked them to a burned female body found in Irvine.

Jury convicts gang member on all counts, including rape and solicitation to commit murder

The Greeley Tribune Colorado
She stayed just long enough to mouth “thank you” as the jury left the courtroom.

The woman was then whisked out by court personnel and Weld County sheriff’s deputies while her attacker, Christian Hanson, was left to consider the several years in prison he’ll be sentenced to in January.

Fertile Crescent farmers took DNA to Germany

ABC Science
DNA evidence suggests that immigrants from the Ancient Near East brought farming to Europe, and spread the practice to the region’s hunter-gatherer communities, according to Australian-led research.

Deal possible in slaying of 3-year-old Riley Fox, attorney says

Chicago Tribune
The man charged with the brutal 2004 rape and murder of 3-year-old Riley Fox is in negotiations with prosecutors about a deal that could have him pleading guilty Wednesday, his attorney said.

Convicted sex offender Scott Eby was arrested in May after DNA evidence linked him to the vicious slaying. He has since given a videotaped confession, an attorney briefed on the case has said.