Daily Archives: November 7, 2010

The case against evidence- An Editorial

The Boston Globe
At criminal trials, there is always talk about doubt, reasonable doubt. But in recent years, with the rise of DNA technology and other forensic evidence techniques, many Americans have a growing sense of confidence, if not certainty, that we’re locking up the guilty and freeing the innocent. The backbone of modern justice, it seems, is not a judge in a long, black robe, presiding over a courtroom, but a forensic analyst in a crisp, white coat, laboring over a microscope. In science we trust.

Convicted UT murderer seeks DNA tests on evidence

Daily Herald Utah
A convicted murderer has asked the state of Utah for DNA testing on evidence gathered from the crime scene in 1997.

Hilario Medina is serving a life sentence on his 1998 conviction for the death of 62-year-old Edward J. Livsey.

Police analyze DNA samples for Highway of Tears leads

Vancouver Sun
More than 400 DNA samples have recently been collected in the Highway of Tears investigation as officers continue to use new technology to identify suspects in the high-profile case, in which most of the files are decades old.