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Body Farm Coming To Fayette County

KDKA 2 Pittsburgh
“The Body Farm,” a 1994 crime fiction bestseller by Patricia Cornwell, likely introduced the public to the idea of an open air lab to study the decomposition of the human body.

DNA Shows Remains Are Romania Ex-Dictator Ceausescu

ABC News
BUCHAREST (Reuters) – DNA tests confirmed Romanian communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was buried in a grave in Bucharest, forensic experts said on Wednesday, lifting doubt over the ruler’s burial place.

Coroner makes fresh appeal in attempt to identify man

Irish Times
THE DUBLIN county coroner has issued a new appeal asking anyone with information which might lead to the identification of a human skull – picked up in nets by a fishing trawler off Lambay Island, Co Dublin, almost five years ago – to come forward.

Caught by the short and curlies: Burglar flushed out by trip to the loo

South Wales
A BURGLAR has been sent down after being caught by the short and curlies.

Lee Hanbury felt nature’s call while ransacking a house in the Afan Valley.

But undoing his fly proved to be his undoing as police found his DNA on the toilet seat and were able to link the crime back to him.

Dallas police pledge to investigate cold case sexual assaults with preserved DNA evidence

Dallas Morning News
An old statute of limitations regarding sexual assaults prevents many rapists from being prosecuted even if preserved DNA evidence links them to an attack. But last year, the state legislature passed a law that allows such DNA links in cold cases to be noted in the offender’s criminal history, which can ultimately influence decisions about parole, bail amounts or sentences for other crimes.

New Orleans police arrest serial-rape suspect

The sex crimes section of the New Orleans Police Department on Tuesday arrested a 36-year-old man suspected of three sexual assaults in 1994.
Jimmy Spratt was identified by a DNA match, officer Shereese Harper said.

Colorado using barcodes to manage DNA evidence

Media Newswire
…The Summit County Sheriff’s Office revealed the new policy as a way to keep track of criminal’s DNA to help solve crimes more efficiently. Officials also expect the system to help close Colorado’s many unsolved cases….

Levy Murder Trial Changes Focus

New York Times
One day after riveting testimony from former Representative Gary A. Condit of California, prosecutors in the Chandra Levy murder trial have switched their focus to highly technical hair, fiber and DNA evidence.

Long Beach man guilty in cold case murder of his pot dealer

Orange County Register
SANTA ANA – A Long Beach man sat motionless in court Tuesday as he was convicted of killing a high school friend in 1988 and setting the body on fire in an unsuccessful effort to destroy evidence.

Police look for leads in cold case serial killings

The Globe and Mail Vancouver BC
He drove a red, four-wheel drive vehicle or pick-up truck. He lived or worked in a remote rural area of British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, around Agassiz and Mission. He may have been employed by a local corrections institution, a forestry company or a logging firm. Or maybe he just went fishing, hunting or camping in the area.