Daily Archives: November 1, 2010

Barry Scheck: The Story Behind “Conviction” and a Path to End Injustice

The Huffington Post
Twelve years ago, we received a letter at the Innocence Project from Betty Anne Waters. Her brother Kenny Waters had been convicted of a murder he said he didn’t commit, and she had devoted her life to proving his innocence. She wrote: “The day that my brother was unjustly convicted of this crime has changed not only his life, but mine.”

Program searches for the missing

Tulsa World Oklahoma
Agencies team up to match unidentified remains with missing persons reports.

Defense: DNA doesn’t specifically ID Wilson in Cowell murder

Wenatchee World- Washington
WENATCHEE — The DNA used to link murder suspect Christopher Scott Wilson to the killing of Mackenzie Cowell could match more than 90,000 males in the United States “and dozens right here in North Central Washington,” Wilson’s defense attorney said Thursday.

Zygem advances DNA detection and testing platform

Laboratory Talk
…RapID, which Zygem is developing in collaboration with Lockheed Martin, uses Microlab’s advanced microfluidic research to accelerate the DNA identification process – essentially building a laboratory on a microfluidic chip that reduces the processing steps, time and effort needed for analysis…

Historic spread of plague mapped through DNA

Irish Times
GENETICS AND world history have merged in a remarkable research project that maps the distribution of plague around the globe.

DNA analysis has allowed scientists to detail how the dreaded disease spread – but also how it was connected directly to events in recorded history.

Family’s vigil continues until daughter gets justice

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online
Every May for the past 11 years, Renee Wesolowski has held a vigil in the Germantown industrial park where her daughter was murdered, even after authorities finally made an arrest in the case.