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A2LA Now Offers Accreditation for Forensic Examination

The launch of the A2LA Forensic Examination Accreditation Program is the culmination of years of research and involvement with the forensic community to offer an accreditation program that will meet the needs of state and federal crime laboratories and those of the commercial industry.

Backlog in DNA delaying courts

The Australian
DELAYS in NSW courts are worsening and the government’s forensic laboratory has been blamed for failing to meet demand for DNA testing.

Analysis of DNA nabs rape suspect

Herald-Dispatch.com West Virginia
HUNTINGTON — Sheri Lemons received DNA from a rape investigation. She analyzed it, loaded it into a national database and watched as an instantaneous match cracked a case unsolved for nearly 24 years.

New DNA could alter death row inmate’s fate

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A judge in southern Kentucky is poised to decide whether a death sentence will stand for an inmate after DNA evidence turned up a decade after being initially requested.

Morton crime lab is no ‘CSI: Morton’

PJStar.com Illinois
…But that is the reality, a scene vastly different than those portrayed by any number of popular television dramas ushered into public consciousness – and courtroom jury boxes – over the last decade following the advent of the original “CSI” procedural series….

A DNA Spray Keeps Burglars at Bay

AOL News
LONDON (Oct. 24) — When a gang of hammer-wielding thieves smashed their way into a convenience store in the northwest English town of Preston, neighboring businessman Altaf Kazi realized he had to upgrade his security or risk becoming the next victim. Fortunately for newsstand owner Kazi, his security crisis came just as police were offering small businesses in the area the chance to trial a high-tech crime-fighting device.

Rapist Stanley Daniels jailed for 1989 attack

Kent Online UK
Kent A masked sex fiend who escaped justice for raping a stranger at knifepoint 21 years ago was jailed for six years today.