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Cooper names another interim chief of SBI crime lab

WRAL.com No.Carolina
RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper on Wednesday named a former judge as interim director of the beleaguered State Bureau of Investigation crime lab.

DNA Evidence Leads To Indictment Of Abilene Man

ABILENE, Texas — The DPS and The Abilene Police Department teamed up to solve a six year old sexual assault case.

Police say the DPS had a hit on it’s DNA database linking Bruno Carillo, to a sexual assault case that happened over six years ago in Abilene.

High Court Weighs Inmate’s Access To DNA Evidence

Last year, the U.S. Supreme court ruled that there is only a very narrow window available to defendants seeking access to evidence for DNA testing once they have been convicted. The ruling had a limited impact because 48 states have enacted laws that provide for access in some circumstances. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court hears the next round in the DNA drama — a case testing whether the Texas statute is so limited that it denies a defendant due process of law.

Judge considering DNA testing for convicted killer

WAFF.com Alabama
HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) – A judge is considering a request for DNA testing made by the attorney of convicted killer Lamond Toney after a hearing Tuesday.

Bloody Gourd May Contain Beheaded King’s DNA

Wired Science
…Two laboratories performed three kinds of DNA analysis: One probed the Y chromosome (inherited from the father), another scrutinized the HERC2 gene (associated with blue eyes) and the last examined the DNA in mitochondria (the powerhouses of cells, which are inherited from the mother)…

Report expected in DNA searches

The Washington Post
The Virginia Department of Forensic Science is expected to present its report regarding the use of a controversial form of DNA searching that helps identify criminal suspects using genetic material from their relatives.