Daily Archives: October 12, 2010

Akonni Receives $500K for Forensics Platform Development

Genome Web (Subscription)
NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Molecular diagnostics firm Akonni Biosystems today said it has received a Phase III grant from the National Institutes of Justice for about $500,000 to accelerate the development of a system for a new forensics application.

Ancient Statue of King Tut’s Grandfather Revealed

Live Science.com Egypt
Egyptologists are hard at work to pin down King Tut’s family tree. Candidates for King Tut’s mother and father were recently identified using DNA analyses from royal Egyptian mummies.

Evidence To Be Presented in Cold-Case Murder

KMJNow.com California
Evidence is scheduled to be presented Tuesday in Fresno Superior Court for the first time in a notorious murder that took place a quarter-century ago — one that authorities say they finally solved because of modern technology.

Misconduct in SBI lab not expected to affect Yarmolenko case

Gaston Gazette
Recent revelations of misdeeds in the SBI crime lab in Raleigh may have little to no bearing on the criminal prosecution of Irina Yarmolenko’s suspected killer.

That could be the case because DNA swabs taken as part of the investigation were tested not only by the SBI lab, but also a second, independent lab in Columbia, S.C. Both labs issued reports that the DNA of cousins and suspects Neal Leon Cassada and Mark Bradley Carver was present in or on Yarmolenko’s car, according to defense attorney David Phillips.

Blood samples produced identical DNA match to that of Aldenham Country Park murder victim Gary Bennett

The Watford Observer UK
Blood samples found on a rucksack in the boot of murder suspect Julian Felisi’s car produced an identical DNA profile to that of Gary Bennett, a court was told this afternoon.

Supreme Court to rule on access to DNA tests

Star-Telegram Fort Worth
Fifteen years ago, three-time convicted felon Henry Skinner was sentenced to die for the brutal slayings of his girlfriend and her two adult sons on New Year’s Eve 1993 in the Pampa house they sometimes shared.