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New Jersey Senators Push Bill to Expand the State’s DNA Database

World Book and News
Senator Nicholas Sacco and Senator John Girgenti, Chairman of the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee, have proposed a law that would expand New Jersey’s criminal DNA database. If enacted, the law could have a significant impact on people suspected of committing certain violent crimes, such as murder and aggravated assault

Glazier says SBI lab needs more improvement

fay observer.com
RALEIGH – North Carolina’s embattled crime laboratory appears better equipped to ensure test results for DNA, blood and other human material are accurate and complete compared to the findings of past work in an independent report, a key legislator said Thursday.

Calgary police crime lab evolves from old truck to high-tech $9M hub

Calgary Herald
CALGARY – Sgt. Bob McPherson built the city’s first mobile crime scene unit from an old bread truck he worked on in his garage.

Three decades later, his successors in the forensic crime scenes unit will perform the science he was so passionate about in a new $9-million lab.

DNA collection begins

The Denver Daily News
Law enforcement officials today will begin collecting DNA samples from suspects arrested for felony offenses in an attempt to crack cold cases.

The controversial so-called Katie’s Law will take full effect today, over a year after Gov. Bill Ritter signed the bill into law. The first half of the law took effect on July 1, 2009 when the state established a fund to pay for the program.