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Graveyard DNA rewrites African American history

New Scientist
Two of Christopher Columbus’s shipmates were the first Africans to set foot in the New World, a study has found.

Using DNA analysis of human bones excavated from a graveyard in La Isabela, Dominican Republic – the first colonial town in the Americas – the new study adds weight to the theory that Africans crossed the Atlantic at least 150 years earlier than previously thought.

Russia’s top forensics officer backs fingerprint, DNA database

Rianovosti Russia
Requiring every Russian to register his fingerprints and DNA in a national database would expand rather than violate citizens’ rights, Russia’s top forensics investigator told RIA Novosti.

Miss. judge frees 2 men wrongly jailed 30 years

HATTIESBURG, Miss. — A judge on Thursday freed two men who spent three decades in prison before DNA evidence showed they didn’t rape a woman and cut her throat in a grisly 1979 attack.

DNA evidence leads to arrest

The Daily Record Washington
ELLENSBURG—Police used DNA evidence to track down and arrest a suspect in a May robbery at JR’s Economart on University Way, according to an Ellensburg Police Department news release.

Four rapists on national database thanks to cold-case scientific DNA match

The is Cornwall.com UK
The DNA profiles of four rapists who remain on the run are now on the national database following “cold case” reviews by Devon and Cornwall Police.

The handful of crimes – committed between 1993 and 2009 – are the only “stranger rape” cases in the two counties that remain unsolved.

Sorenson Forensics Introduces Innovative Lab Productivity Consulting Program at Crime Laboratory Directors Annual Symposium

Business Wire
BALTIMORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sorenson Forensics today announced it has developed a management program that dramatically increases the efficiency and productivity of its laboratory operations while maintaining the reliability and accuracy of its forensic DNA laboratory services. Executive Director Timothy D. Kupferschmid presented Sorenson Forensics’ newly designed Laboratory Lean/Six Sigma Practices consulting program during a session at the 38th annual symposium of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors in Baltimore.

Gathering at Cal State L.A. highlights role of DNA in crime solving

Whittier Daily News California
LOS ANGELES – DNA can put a name to unknown rapists, crack old cases – and prove that a local photographer is a serial killer.