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DNA From 1989 Rape Leads To Arrest

WPBF West Palm Beach
BOCA RATON, Fla. — Police said DNA evidence from a 1989 rape has led to an arrest 21 years later.

DNA points to royal roots in Africa

Alan Boyle writes: William Holland, a genealogical researcher living in Atlanta, has seen some pretty strange twists in his family tree. Several years ago, he found out that his great-grandfather was a black slave … who wound up serving as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War. But this year Holland's research resulted in something even stranger.

DNA leads police to rape suspect eight yeas after the crime

KY Post.com
COVINGTON, Ky. – Covington Police arrested a Park Hills man for rape after a DNA sample tested positive eight years after the crime.
Anthony Jackson, 47, is being held at the Kenton County Jail charged with rape and robbery.

State DNA backlog to be eliminated by Feb

Kansas State Collegian
Kansas Attorney General Steve Six announced in a Sept. 1 press conference in Topeka that the backlog processing of DNA samples of individuals arrested by law enforcement will first be reduced by 70 percent and will later be completely eliminated by February.

Bode Technology Continues To Expand Global Identification Work

Business Wire
GlobalOptions Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: GLOI), a leading provider of domestic and international risk management services, today announced that Bode Technology (Bode), its fast growing forensic DNA analysis and solutions unit, continues to expand its highly advanced DNA testing techniques to assist in the identification of the missing for many nations and families around the globe.