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Aarushi case: CBI gets father’s golf club, contacts Scotland Yard for tests

Express India
More than two years after the murder of Delhi schoolgirl Aarushi Talwar and family help Hemraj, the CBI has contacted the Scotland Yard for advanced forensic examination of pieces of evidence recovered from the scene of crime.
Over the past two weeks, the CBI has been in correspondence with Scotland Yard, seeking recommendation of a reputed laboratory where LCN (low copy number) DNA profiling can be conducted in the UK.

Are you descended from Neanderthals?

New Zealand Herald
They huddled in their fur pelts, wrapped against their dark skin with cords made from hide and gut.

No one had travelled this far north before in the history of their people, and it was late enough for the wolves to come out. In the foothills ahead they could see the distinct light of a fire flickering in a grotto. Cold and weary, the explorers trekked toward the light with spears sharp and ready. Maybe they were not the first people to leave the motherland…

Officer regrets delay in DNA testing

Omaha.com Kansas
The potential clinching evidence was right there, on the blood-soaked pajama top Pasinetta Fitzgerald was found dead in.

And Omaha police had a suspect in front of them with cuts and scratches on his body.

Yet, it would take police more than three years to test that top and, in turn, to link the woman’s death to the man they say caused it, Patrick Bauldwin.

Looking back, Capt. Michelle Bang testified in Bauldwin’s first-degree murder trial this week, police could have cracked the case immediately with DNA tests on the top.

The real life adventures of Maggot Man and Insect Girl

The Age.com Australia
Dr Archer, 34, a forensic entomologist with the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Dr Wallman and Aidan Johnson have been investigating X-raying maggot clusters inside a decomposing body to more accurately estimate the time of death.

The institute has one of the few mortuaries in the world where a CT scanner is used on corpses to help determine the cause of death.

Vancouver holds key to L.A. mystery

Associated Press
The mystery of two mummified babies found in a trunk in the basement of a Los Angeles apartment building is closer to being solved — thanks to DNA from a pair of Vancouver residents.